Shingle haircut photos

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Shingle haircut photos

One of the most debated topics online is which are the best haircuts for curly hair. First up though, I want to explain that I am not a hairdresser; I am a person with curly hair who has been to many hairdressers over the years and has seen and tried lots of different techniques.

Many curly training skills seem to be a little outdated.

Face-Flattering Short Shingle Haircut for Summer – Jenna Elfman Hair

So going to see a hairdresser who takes the time to listen to you and understand your hair is far more valuable than a particular specialist. There is a movement amongst curly girls to prefer a dry haircut.

This is where they cut your hair curl by curl. It does have some advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. Personally I prefer wet cuts because they end up more even and give me versatility.

And because in dry cuts my curls are never the same, I always end up with something uneven. This was also formalised by Lorraine Massey in her book Curly Girl. This technique is a dry cut, where they cut curl by curl, examining your hair as they go. However, if you have way more heavy hair like I do and your curls can change from day to day, this type of cut produces a very uneven result.

It can be quite a time-consuming process and the stylist will charge more for this type of appointment. They start with a wet cut, slicing into the curls to shape your hair. Many hairdressers I know follow this style of technique — or at least along those lines, whether your hair is curly or straight.

Cutting it wet and then, once its dry, rechecking to make sure that its even seems to make the most sense.

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They cut out half the hair as they go through. While they will thin out your hair, they will also leave it looking very fine on the ends, which can make your hair look thin and stringy. The idea of this technique is to create a shag haircut where all of the layers are the same length. Try this one at your own risk. Blunt scissors cause a blunt edge on your hair strands, which will in turn lead to more split ends. These haircuts both suit longer curly hair because they allow more layers to include more curls around the sides.

I prefer having more volume this way. And the longer layers are easier for me to style and braid. I hope this helps you understand what the best haircuts for curly hair are and, as always, I recommend taking photos to your hairdresser.

Check out this post to see why.

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Tell me in the comments below! If you want to see more curly hair videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel here. Want to learn more about styling your curly hair?

Check out my 30 Days of Curly Hairstyles here. I agree. I think my layers are uneven. Lovely meeting you St. Carindale btw Christina!Natural haired gals know the struggle! It takes a lot of time, experimenting, and lots of patience until you find the hair styling method that works.

Priscilla has managed to get the shingling method down to a science! So, we decided to pick her brain to learn her secrets.

This is the method behind what some of us may call the shingling technique madness. Priscilla Quaye: My hair type is a mixture of mainly 4a with a bit of 3c.

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I also have a ton of shrinkage, and my hair tends to stay on the shinier side. I personally think knowing your hair porosity, density and strand diameter are more important to figure out how best to take care of your hair. In that regard, my hair is low porosity meaning it takes more effort to get moisture in, high-density, meaning, in short, that I have a lot of hair on my head, and my individual hair strands are fine. As mentioned, my hair is low porosity, so the LOC Method helps me to ensure that all that moisture I took the time to get into my hair stays in by the layering involved in the LOC Method and the locking in of the moisture with an oil.

In terms of detangling, I swear by finger-detangling! I think sectioning is key for doing your hair in not just styling, but in every step! Washing, deep conditioning, and styling!

shingle haircut photos

Tackling a smaller section and getting through it is always easier than looking at a big one and getting frustrated. I swear by the shingling method!

When I move on to styling my wash and go after shampooing or co-washing, I first split my hair into two halves and apply my leave-in and my sealant which is castor oil most of the time, but sometimes coconut oil. Then to start the shingling method, I section my hair into small sections. I take the first section and spritz it with water so it is dripping, but not drenched, and apply my curl cream.

I apply the product to the section first by finger combing it through making sure the section is saturated.

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I take each individual curl where it naturally starts to separate in between my index finger and thumb and starting at my roots, smooth the curl downwards to the end.

I repeat this until the section is finished, and then all throughout my head. As my hair is quite long and very dense as I mentioned earlier, this does take me about an hour.

shingle haircut photos

As a curly girl, you will of course always have tangles, but I have definitely noticed less with this method. My biggest tips to tackle this routine would be patience, small sections as I mentioned, and good music.

Number one is absolutely moisture, moisture, moisture. All textured hair craves moisture, but especially my hair type. I am crazy about my deep conditioning routinedoing it religiously every. I maximize this by always deep conditioning with my hair steamer. This really helps to ensure the deep conditioner penetrates my strands which is key for my low porosity hair. Also, I recently colored my hair for the first time, so the routine is even more essential for me. I only took the plunge to color because I was already so consistent with deep conditioning and making sure my hair was moisturized.

Next would be consistency and patience. It takes time to build healthy looking hair. This takes a consistent regimen, and that regimen requires the patience to wait and watch it flourish. For Color-Treated Hair.The 20th Century bob hairstyle symbolises the independent, progressive and spirited woman.

Many have turned to vintage-style bobbed hair to encourage a more daring side of their personality. Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Think Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. Think Louise Brooks in… well…all of her silent movies. Millie even felt thoroughly modern when her locks were shorn. When Bernice bobbed her hair in it signified a change in her personality from mousey to sassy. Many women have turned to the bob hairstyle looking for a dramatic change inside themselves and to abandon the past along with the hair.

As is usual with the 20th Centurythe movies and media play a big part in promoting and popularising the fashion of the day with many women copying the styles of their filmstar idols. Strong female personas throughout history have been defined by their bob hairstyle. Also Joan of Arc in the 15th Century. Pioneer aviator Amelia Earhart wore cropped hair. Richard the Third …well… for him, maybe not so much about the hairstyle. I think we all know what a bob looks like but the history of this much copied vintage hairstyle is just as exciting as the hairstyle itself.

Celebrity hairdresser Antoine referenced the French heroine when creating his new bobbed hairstyle. It is introduced into his Paris salon around and creates a new fashion fad. This is also the year that St Joan was beatified and the French become obsessed WW1 allied soldiers later carry her image with them to help defend France.

At this time milliners still dominate over hairdressers — there had always been tension between the two competing professions. However, modernists such as Antoine are more willing to cooperate and cut styles that fit around the latest hat fashions.

The new bobbed hair becomes the perfect style to complement the fashionable cloche hat. Joan of Arc sported a short bob more for practical reasons back in the 15th Century and to disguise her gender during the years war between France and England. Cleopatra must also have had some influence on the bobbed style and the later flapper look.

Archaeology and antiquarianism had developed considerably in the late 19th Century and this was of great interest in the media. Epic silent movie Cleopatra is popular in — starring the vampish Theda Bara below. The tomb of Tutankhamun and other mummified relics had been discovered by archaeologists by the s. There was a fascination with these exotic styles and the controversial keepsakes that were brought back to Western Europe and America from aristocratic funders of the excavations.

Technological advancements in ladies hair-styling devices, originally designed to help women speed up the lengthy styling process of long hair, are also becoming popular. It becomes an important tool for creating the Marcel wave later used to style bobs in the s.

Marcel Grateau began using his secret waving iron techniques in the s on Parisian prostitutes — who competed to have the fanciest hair. He ends up making his fortune from this technique. Previous to the curling iron, women had to curl their hair by simply using rags and letting the hair dry naturally.

Finger-waving also became popular in the s as women mould their hair into amazing undulating shapes using just their fingers, curling lotion and a comb.I'm looking for some pictures of some vintage-like haircuts that have a modern twist.

I love the 's fingerbumps style, but I still want it to look modern. I also really like 40's and 50's. My hair is a few inches past my shoulders right now. I'm willing to cut it as short as chin-length. So, if you could help me find some pictures of some haircuts, that would be lovely. Thank you! Do you want hairstyles or haircuts? Fingerwaves not finger bumps are a hairstyle that you achieve with your fingers and tons of gels It's kinda hard for a vintage haircut to look modern as the fact that they had their haircut in that specfic way was to style it, especially with the 40s hairstyles, where a haircut actually looks like a Scene hair Or a "mullet" when not styled.

With the 20s hairstyles, The bob was popular. A chin length blunt bob with blunt bangs, or even without bangs. The Shingle, or the eton crop.

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The middy haircut diagram, Basically it was U shaped and very layered Think of a mullet, almost with more layers in the hair. The U shape haircut: which I can't find a picture of But look up Veronica lake for a better detailed description of the haircut. This is probley the haircut you would want, If you want the 40s haircut as it doesn't look as horrid as the Middy would unstyled.

And plus it'll look more modern. Hair was kept short in the 50s. There is the Betty Bangs that were popular in the 50s and with the rockabilly bunch. I don't think their is a specfic 50s hair cut.

Hairstyles & Cuts for Women

Just soft, short and curled hair was in. I'm always doing something different to my hair. But, Im not real familiar with what was the style back that far. You are looking for something short then I am assuming? I think you would look cute with a short 'do. Not everyone can pull short off. I know I really can't!. I like asymmetrical haircuts. I recently had my hair like but it was a long version and I never saw anyone else have it before.

I like to be different and so do you from looking at the pink hair you have in your pic on here. I would try to search for you but I know in my past experience it is extremely hard to find good hairstyle pictures online. I would maybe just got to a new really modern hair salon and get a fresh new young gal to gvie you some ideas.

Honestly We don't think that it really issues to most guys.Dec 6, Nov 24, Jun 16, Mar 15, Nov 30, Mar 17, Feb 8, Jan 29, Mar 21, Jan 25, Oct 9, Aug 25, Mar 6, Feb 9, Jan 23, Jan 19, Dec 16, Aug 28, Aug 18, Aug 11, Jul 6, Jun 20, Jan 31, Jun 12, May 24, May 3, Mar 5, Oct 4, Aug 14, Jun 22, May 28, The s was a decade defined by social and cultural rebellion.

From the bootleggers who smuggled moonshine across state lines to the women's suffrage movement that helped to secure the right to vote, the Roaring Twenties caused quite a commotion. Another highlight of the '20s that exemplified change was the evolution of women's hairstyles.

Ladies were saying goodbye to their long Victorian locks and welcoming much shorter hairdos. The mass appeal of this trend wasn't accepted by many salons, so barbers became the go-to for s hairdressing. Armed with close-cutting scissors known as shears, these bold women were in well-trained hands. Elaborate and expensive jewels worn as headpieces added a feminine touch. Twenties hairstyles fall into five categories that were popularized by famous faces. Here's a list:.

Silent Era film stars such as Louise Brooks and Anna May Wong were known for the bob and shingle cut a bob haircut with a tapered back. Louise Brooks. Anna May Wong. Colleen Moore.

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Bessie Smith. Jazz Age icon Josephine Baker was daring enough to go even shorter with the Eton crop. Josephine Baker. Jean Arthur. Flapper girls made finger and Marcel waves the "It" hair. Marlene Dietrich. Anita Page.

shingle haircut photos

Joan Crawford. Claudette Colbert. Clara Bow. Greta Garbo. Norma Shearer. Coco Chanel. Want more HuffPost Style beauty content? Email us at beautytips huffingtonpost. PR pitches sent to this address will be ignored. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Follow Us.This hair style features a dome-shaped bob, in which hair is cut into a point or v-shape at the nape of the neck.

Since the haircut requires careful trimming and shaping directly behind the head, it is essentially impossible to give oneself the cut. Comb the entire head of hair. Part the hair right down the middle of the head, from the crown to the neck, as the shingles bob is perfectly even and symmetrical.

Cut the hair so that the length reaches the bottom of the ears. Use a pair of shears to cut off the hair at the bottom, cutting in an even, level line around the entire head, but do not include the hair growing from the lower part of the back of the head, at the neck. Since the natural hairline in the back extends below the ears to the nape of the neck, the neck hairs will be beneath the cut edge and therefore excluded from the cut.

Cut these hairs to 2 to 3 inches in length. Use a comb and shears to trim and fine-tune sections of hair to make the blunt cut as even as possible.

Again, take care not to trim the hair at the nape, since this part requires a special layering technique. Comb the hair down at the nape of the neck. To do this, work your way up from the bottom. Begin with the hair at the point. Hold hair with a fine-toothed comb as you cut.

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Place the comb flat on the neck and tilt the comb slightly to gather hair between the teeth. Use points of scissors to cut off hair ends.

Move the comb half an inch higher on the head and repeat until the hair at the neck is fully shingled. Audrey Farley began writing professionally in She teaches English composition at a community college. By: Audrey Farley. References Hair Archives: 's Piece About the Author.


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