Kundali bhagya aaj ka episode 2019

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Kundali bhagya aaj ka episode 2019

Sherlin brings juice to Karina, he phone rings and when Karina asks her to pass the phone she sees that it is Sarla then tries to make an excuse that they should not talk with them but Karina is convinced that she is telling a lie, Sarla calls her asking what is written in the notice, Karina is not ready to tell them anything then says that she should ask Preeta, but Karina mentions that she also said to Preeta to remove her sin door and the mangal suture but she refused to remove it at Diwali, Sarla is shocked but karina does not tell her anything blaming that she forced Karan to marry Preeta, using some tactics which they were not aware off, Sarla denies the allegations but karina ends the call.

She is left confused and explains to Sherlin that she feels Preeta has not even told Sarla, Sherlin brainwashes her into thinking that the Auroras are playing a game and are really clever, Karina falls in her trap thinking that they might really be playing a game with them. Sherlin very happily enters her house then starts to praise herself for playing such a big game, she thinks that she planned this because she was aware that when the reporters will ask her questions then they will tell her the name so she announced the name of Maria, she decides to call Prithvi but he does not respond then she thinks of calling her best friend.

Shristhi is walking behind Preeta apologizing to her also asking the reason she is not talking to her and even the rest of the family members have not talked to her, Preeta explains that Sarla has also not talked with her because she is angry, Shristhi asks the reason Preeta is not talking to her, she says that Shristhi should be able to understand the reason that she is angry with her just like their mother so wants to spend some time alone.

She closes the door, Shristhi says that she will talk with her no matter the situation, Her phone rings, Shristhi answers it and is shocked to hear her voice she asks why has she called her, Sherlin explains that she has made her realize something saying that she wants to exclaim something important she says that she is her true friend and that she has made her plan successful, she asks her to read tomorrows newspaper, Sherlin explains that she has made sure that Sherlin becomes successful in her plan and that is to make sure that Preeta does not come into the Luthra house because she hates her a lot, and she has made sure that Preeta does not enter the Luthra house again.

Karan and Rishab are sitting when Maria comes asking who gave her number because she has been getting calls to confirm of her marriage with Karan, Karina also comes with the newspaper, Rishab after seeing the photo of their family leaves after saying it in a taunting voice about how happy they are all looking, Sameer wonders what will happen when the Auroras see the news.

Sarla asks them to come and have breakfast otherwise it will get cold, Bi Jee says that she will eat after some time and Sarla can give it to Preeta as she will otherwise get late, They are all standing when the newspaper comes, Shristhi after mustering up some courage and is shocked to see the news, Preeta is also left amazed at seeing the marriage news.

Thank-you Ekta Kapoor! Lots of sarcasm here!!! Another day of teaching the world on the types of Indian women that live and function, even today.

Kritika just panting to be abused by her future husband. And insipid little girls who think that infatuation is love…. Another one, so happy at being USED to facilitate crime!!!

My gawd, if a male looks at a woman and accidentally touches her hand…. Does India have no shame? Do they want to be portrayed this way to the world? Do you think that perhaps Ekta Kapoor is doing this with clear purpose? Gee, what a thought. That way, your mothers, aunties and in-laws can keep treating you like unfeeling objects. With sound. Think about what this is doing to your spirit. Ekta Kapoor needs to be stopped.

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And it just seemed so much simpler to create an email address. Clearly something I must learn about! After the missing 20 years, I most certainly have entertained a very puzzled look on my face new sensation! Its high time that preeta replies the Luthras, by Just entering their house and taking it up as a challenge to expose Sherlin by staying with the luthras. Ekta, please wake up, dont drag.While Karan is suspicously quiet there because of his feelings towards Preeta, Rishabh tries to tell Preeta that he loves her, but fails.

Meanwhile, Chachiji and Shrishti are trying to bring Karan and Preeta together. They decide to get back to work and discuss it later. On the day of Holi, Rishabh is stopped by Tanvi who tells him to not stress about what Sherlyn said because it is not a big deal and the family was over-reacting. Hearing this, Sameer is impressed with her and begins talking to her.

Shrishti who likes Sameer is jealous when she sees this. She hopes Sameer and Tanvi are related but is disappointed to find out that they are not. Karan bumps into Preeta who tricks him and puts colour on him. Karan then chases Preeta with a bucket of colour to throw it on Preeta. He misses his aim and throws it on Shrishti instead. Preeta taunts Karan about not having any colour left.

Karan goes close to her and rubs the colours on his cheeks against hers. Daadi asks for a glass of bhaang to drink, and while waiting for her glass she sees Sherlyn who she dislikes.

She misdirects Sherlyn to keep her away from Rishabh. Prithvi who is also invited for the party enters with only one aim of playing Holi with Preeta. He looks for her the moment she enters in.

Meanwhile, Preeta is with Shrishti who asks her if Karan might have feelings for her. Stay tuned for more updates. Home Popular Shows. Share Tweet Copy tumblr Pinterest Whatsapp. Watch the latest episode here. TAGS dr. More like this:. You May Also Like This. Watch Behind-The-Scenes Video….Sarla is about to leave but Prithvi stops her then he explains that his mother is really upset but it is the matter of his entire life and he knows that there is no one better then Preeta for him, he assures that he will arrange everything and even his mother will not say anything, Sarla does not understand then he requests that she eat the sweets of the wedding as they will surely marry, Sarla has some conservations regarding his mother but he explains that she is only angry but will allow when she comes to know that he is making the right decision, He pleads with her to arrange their wedding as soon as possible rather in just three days, Sarla is stunned by this request, Prithvi explains that his mother is going out of the city but he wants to marry her as then when his mother comes back then she will not be angry with him anymore.

Sarla agrees to marry them in three days, she asks Janki to follow her as they have to prepare for their wedding, Prithvi enquires if she ahs also asked Preeta but Janki explains that Sarla has not talked with anyone and Preeta is not aware of the matter, Sarla says that she will talk with he, Prithvi explains that he will wait for her call confirming that Preeta has agreed to marry him, He also sees them out of his house.

Karan is in his room, Maira comes explaining that she has made a mistake, she explains that she thought everyone in the family knew about that Preeta also works in his training, Karan mentions that he has no problem and does not care of Preeta, Maira agrees then also presents him with her ring for the engagement explaining that she was told by Karina that it is a ritual and he is going to buy the ring so she wants that it be perfect, Maira leaves while karan is still confused.

Prithvi is in his house celebrating that he will be married to Preeta, that too in just three days and all his dreams will come true, Sherlin comes from behind asking why he is so happy, Prithvi responds that he is really happy because he rejected Sarla who insulted him in the Mandap and he has gotten really happy after insulting so she should also makes her eat the sweets.

Prithvi asks Sherlin how she will go to the party, Sherlin explains that she will go there by road as she likes long drives, he explain s that he will go with her the next time even if he is not invited, she after seeing the time leaves because the luthras will have a lot of questions if she gets late so she will go after shopping so they are not curious.

She leaves, Prithvi thinks that he will marry Preeta, while Sherlin will leave for Puna tomorrow and when she will come back then will get busy in karans engagement while he will marry the girl of his dreams so he will have a blast. Bi jee is really worried for Sarla, Shrishti explains that she will come back and she doesnot have to worry, Preta also explains that Janki is with her so they will be safe together, Shrishti explains that she is really strict and no one can harm her, BI jee is still worried, Preeta explains that she has prepared for sweets for them and so wishes that she eat it and forgive her for going to the Luthra house, Sarla meanwhile comes back saying that she cannot forgive Preeta for going to the luthra house till she agrees to marry Prithvi, she explains that she cannot marry again as karan is her husband, Sarla explains that she is still worrying for someone who is getting married to someone else.

Preeta explains that she will not marry as she has accepted that karan is her husband and so will not marry anyone else. Karan is going when he meets with Rishab, he explains that he wants him to get the ring for his engagement, Rishab refsues to bring it saying that it is his engagement and so he will not go for shopping, Rishab says that he can refuse for the engagement but cannot make other do his shopping, he asks that Rishab should not go if he doesnot want to, he ahs other people who can do his work then orders Sameer to bring the ring but he agrees.

Sarla is really angry saying that she is always thinking off the benefits of her daughters but they never listen to her as they think that she is the bad person, Sarla gets really angry and then starts shouting so is not able to control her heart beat, they all try to make her calm down but she doensnot listen forcing Preeta to agree on marrying Prithvi she then hugs her mother so that she can remain stable.

You nailed it Marka married woman is a married woman. Or can either Karan or Preeta decide to marry someone else and no talk of divorce ever mentioned between them. The writer highly stupid and thinks the viewers are stupid as well. Preeta should stand up to her mother and say I remain married until divorce. Really all a waste of time2years running and Sterling still pregnant and RIshab a big fool too.

Beta kanoonan zurm hai Karan ne without divorce shadi Kari to wo jail jaega aur preeta ne Kari to wo bhi jail jaegi. They the loud, noisy criminal ones could give lessons to Sarla and vice versa. Sarla is just a big fat fool for asking prithvi to marry her daughter when she already knows that preeta is a married woman and without thinking that one day things will change.

This annoying serial. Ekta Kapoor forgot that sherlin is pregnant. She proved biology wrong. Instead you just show that they rely on some big huge magnificent rich family where the girl would get married. Just stop okay. A normal human being would get pregnant twice in that period.

Sarla and her latest bi-polar episode reminds us that guilt, not love is the main motivator in an Indian family. Guilt and obedience would appear to be the strongest tools that Indian parents have at their disposal. Maira is a high-class whore. Anyone who goes after a married man is a whore and likely a gold digger…like Maira. And the actress does a wonderful job of perfectly portraying the desperation needed well, to be a Maira type person.

We are being told that even the educated people of India, you know, their high class and middle class people, behave this way. Just lovely. A perfect Indian female, take it, take more abuse and shut up. Never let the truth be spoken. Just take more beatings, especially the ones from your 3 year old idiot, mother. The writers should learn a little bit more about factual history Hitler versus the propaganda they have been taught.

I totally agree with you. Just churning out BS day in day out. The actors have all lost the charisma of their characters while the story line kept derailing.Rishab walks out and meet Shrishti, he explains that he was crossing so came to meet her, he explains that they all think that he has a grudge against Prithvi but Shrishti explains that she has no issue but just feels that Sarla is not understanding and feels hurt so she was worried, She requests him to make sure that he gets punished, Rishab explains that he is feeling overly joyed to hear that she knows the truth, he says that they all make mistakes and always scold the younger ones just like he does with Karan.

Shrishti makes him feel comfortable so he hugs her, Karina seeing this from behind gets worried wondering what they both want from her children.

Kundali Bhagya 17 April 2019 Full Episode Written Update: Prithvi Agrees To Marry Sherlyn

Preeta is with Karan, she thinks that she has a special place for him in her heart and never thought that she would miss him when he was away for just a short period of time. Karan asks why she is smiling but then explains that he knows the reason and it is Prithvi, she says that she is not thinking of him.

Samer comes to both of them asking what happened, Samer says that Prithvi has been arrested for the attempted murder of Mahesh as he was awake for a little time and told Rishab, Karan asks her if she has come to save him, she answers that she came to save him he answers that she will not be able to as he will kill Prithvi.

Everyone is waiting when Karan comes in frustration hugging Rakhi, Sarla asks Preeta why she came as she was told to stay at the Mandap, She asks her to wait. Karan holds Prithvi by the neck choking him saying that he was the one who was behind the accident of his father, Rishab and Preeta both are pleading with the constable to let them in, the other one comes saying that they are both fighting and it will get worse, Rishab and Preeta head ion and try their level best to break them free, Preeta gets hurt after which both of them run to help her, Rishab seeing the chance takes him away Prithvi assures Preeta that he is innocent.

Preeta presents the proof that Prithvi is innocent, Karan abruptly says that she is trying to protect him, Preeta explains that she is doing this because he is innocent and it is also wrong for the police for arrest anyone innocent. She explains that Mahesh came to meet her in her house and it was before the time of the accident, saying that it was wrong for Prithvi to lie that he was out of town but he might have said it is fear so she has to give the benefit of the doubt.

Preeta asks Sarla if she remembers that she came to ask her that they have to send the sweets to his house, Karina jumps in saying that they both are about to be his relatives so will support him, Preeta explains that her mother is not a liar.

Preeta explains that they should call his designer as he was with the designer even at the time of the accident. Precap: Preeta explains that he is about to be her husband sop she cannot let him get into any trouble, Karan asks her what he is to her and is Prithvi means more to her, she explains that he means more to her as she is about to marry him. Ek din ka episode. Thanks for the credit! Both are dumb. Marriage is abshugan of preeta and prithvi then also dumb sarala wants pretta to prithvi.

Marriage will continues like world test companionship of pretta and prithvi. Useless sarla mother of pragya, shrithi and pretta… Prithvi will not be exposed drag until years. Abhi has two wives, purab has two wives, tanu has two husband risibh will have two wives and also prithvi two husbands to sherlin that is called kundali bhagya Ekta kapoor make this serial having two wives and husband and marrying all the persons and she will not marry.

Pichle 20 years se I think Kyunki Saas. Aise hi chalta rahega. Crapta Kapoor ke har serials ke actors Ko unfollow karo. Guess who finally got a new laptop finally!!! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Please review our policy and accept it. Accept Read More. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

kundali bhagya aaj ka episode 2019

Forget password? Remember me. Sign in Recover your password. A password will be e-mailed to you. Kundali Bhagya. By Sona On Sep 4, Like 0 Dislike 0. Sona posts 12 comments. We recommend. RV 4th Sep - pm. Indian daily soaps sucks???????????????????????????????????????

Ashwini 4th Sep - pm. K 4th Sep - pm.Karwa Chauth fever has taken over the Indian television and how.

kundali bhagya aaj ka episode 2019

Preeta, who is the latest addition to the Bahu Club, is set to bring in her very first Karwa Chauth on Kundali Bhagya. However, given the differences and tension between and her Karan, it remains to be seen how she gets her husband to break her Karwa Chauth Ka Vrat fast.

Kundali Bhagya - Episode 410 - Jan 31, 2019 - Webisode - Watch Full Episode on ZEE5

It looks like she has company, yes, you read that right! Prithvi will be gatecrashing the revelry too. Scroll to see their pictures from the upcoming episodes.

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Karan enters the room at the same time. Will Preeta and Karan come face-to-face again? She looks drop-dead gorgeous as she gears up to celebrate Karwa Chauth.

Preeta and Karan are likely to bump into each other at the Luthra. Prithvi, played by Sanjay Gagnani, shall be seen entering Luthra House next. However, since he cannot be seen by anyone, he would have to disguise himself and sneak in. Kareena Bhua announces that she has called a group to perform Giddha on the occasion of Karwa Chauth.

We saw Preeta sneak in as one of those dancers, now Prithvi is set to enter too. Will they both perform Giddha together?

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She also enters Luthra house to check if her sister has kept Karwa Chauth ka vrat and lied to her. Home Popular Shows. Share Tweet Copy tumblr Pinterest Whatsapp. Don't Miss. TAGS anjum fakih dheeraj dhoopar dr.

Kundali Bhagya 16 October 2019 Preview: Karan Realises Preeta Kept A Fast?

More like this:. You May Also Like This. Watch Behind-The-Scenes Video….Prithvi called Sherlyn to meet him. He told her that Preeta was about to donate blood and save Mahesh. Sherlyn saw Karan Dheeraj Dhooper going the blood donation room and stopped him from entering in. Preeta saw Karan through the half open door and hid. Sarla and her family reached home and looked for Preeta. He told her that Preeta went to the hospital and now she was trying to commit suicide.

Sarla got upset and brought Preeta back. Karan and Rishabh met the doctor after the surgery. The doctor said that the surgery was safe and out of danger.

The written update of 19 July Kundali Bhagya episode full story ends here. Stay tuned! Read More Preeta donates her blood.

Author: Editorial Team. Also Read. Times when Kundali Bhagya fame Dheeraj Dhoopar sang in praise of a woman. I am lucky to be a part of Kundali Bhagya: Swati Kapoor. Shabir Ahluwalia has a message for all his fans: Find out what. Read to know about Shraddha Arya's quarantine life. Why Kumkum Bhagya is one of the top shows on TV? Latest stories. Load More.

Accept terms privacy policy. Subscribe Now.They both try to hide the fact they are jealous about Preeta being close to Prithvi.

While speaking to them, Sherlyn feels nauseous due to her pregnancy. Sherlyn tells Prithvi to leave the hospital and meet her. There she asks Prithvi to marry her.

He tells her that she has to marry Rishabh not him.

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Sherlyn refuses to listen to him and stands firm on her demand. Rishabh begins to think about his feelings for Preeta. He wants to be with Preeta even though her marriage is already planned with Rishabh. Karan too thinks about his feelings for Preeta. Sherlyn, on the other hand, is telling Prithvi that she is jealous of Preeta. She is convinced that Prithvi loves Preeta and not her anymore. Prithvi tries to remind her how this is all part of a plan to get revenge on Rishabh.

Kundali Bhagya 19 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Preeta donates her blood

He reminds her about earlier when Sherlyn and he were going to be married, Rishabh got Prithvi arrested and ruined the wedding. Sherlyn tells him that she will marry Rishabh, but only if she gets married to Prithvi first. He tells her that he will go and prepare for their wedding later.

Till then they should go for the bachelor party. Preeta is back in the Luthra mansion. She is giving a massage to Daadi before they move on to exercises. However, Karan enters the room and asks Preeta to come out and talk to him.

kundali bhagya aaj ka episode 2019

Karan tells Preeta that the bachelor party will be a great chance to catch Prithvi and Sherlyn off guard. However, she refuses to help him prove anything about Prithvi. Stay tuned to find out. Home Popular Shows.


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